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We’re pleased to present the 6th edition of the State of Illustration. For the first time, we will be distributing the report solely as a PDF download.

This year’s State of Illustration report was the most in-depth analysis of the illustration and creative industry we’ve ever done. The 39-page report took a staggering 300 hours to create! We hope you find the results interesting.

About the State of Illustration report

The report uses data collected from 1000+ respondents, which includes freelance illustrators, in-house illustrators, artists and other creative types. Our respondents are a mix of genders and ages who are primarily social media users that are also fiercely independent as self-employed business owners. Due to the solitary nature of being an artist or freelance illustrator, most of them will likely be in isolation for a good portion of their working day, with their social interactions primarily being limited to social media or communication devices rather than in-person.

What does an illustrator earn?

£17,844.04 GBP

The annual median income for a full-time illustrator based in the United Kingdom.

$56,804.20 USD

The annual median income for a full-time illustrator based in the United States of America.

€18,434.19 EUR

The annual median income for a full-time illustrator based in Europe excluding the UK.

We based these figures on the data created by the 2020 illustrator survey.

1506 illustrators from 72 countries responded to the questionnaire, making this the most extensive illustrator survey conducted in 2020.

Who are we?


We love illustration and that’s why we do what we do! Hireillo is just Darren & Morgan Di Lieto and we’re both former illustrators. We advise our members, promote them and help them find commissions. It’s a passion and we can’t imagine doing anything else. We’re never going to sell out or work with companies we don’t trust. We’re independent, we do what is right for our members and that’s the way we like it. No pressure, no ulterior motive, and the freedom to do what is best for freelancers and the illustration industry we represent.

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