Participant Information Guide

  • The purpose of the State of Illustration survey is to gain an insight into the illustration industry. Your responses will help us to better understand what needs to be done as a community to improve the work and lives of illustrators.


  • You have been invited to take part because you are an illustrator or work in the creative industry in some other capacity. You may have been directly invited by someone, received a newsletter containing a link to the survey or have seen the link on social media.


  • Taking part in this survey is entirely optional and you can quit at any point by exiting the browser. No data that you provide will be saved unless you finish the survey and click on Submit.


  • You will be asked to answer questions relating you who you are, your work as an illustrator and related aspects such as income level. We estimate that it will take about 10 – 15 minutes to complete the survey.


  • The information we collect from you in the survey will be anonymised and given a code, so you will not be able to be identified by the data you provide. It will be used to write a report and other articles which will be made publicly available. All data presented in any form will be anonymous and you will not be identified as an individual.


  • You may choose to provide an email address in order to be contacted with updates about the State of Illustration report. You may also choose to submit your website URL to be considered for as an illustrator to be commissions to create artwork for the report. If you submit your email address and/or URL they will be linked to your name and will only be used for the purposes stated. They will not be associated with any of the other information you provide in the survey, which will remain anonymous.